Yarrow Cream, natural or organic

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Yarrow cream
Yarrow is truly magic! Used by the Romans during battle, soldiers would grab yarrow plants and place them over (or stuff them in) their wounds. Yarrow is said to have anesthetic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. And to add to all that, it is a styptic, stopping bleeding in its tracks. So is it any wonder that a Roman soldier reached for the yarrow when they were wounded?

Reach for the yarrow to use on minor cuts and abrasions, to take the itch and sting out of bug bites and on dry spots on your skin. I recently got an email from a happy customer telling me that it worked well on a bruise, helped it to fade quickly. 

Made with base carrier oil, yarrow, organic candelilla wax and yarrow essential oil. 

Choices - base of vegetable and nut oils, or organic olive oil.

New! In pump bottles made exactly like our body crèmes, but with our own organic olive oil yarrow base in place of sweet almond oil. What a great way to soothe a sunburn! Scented with certified organic lavender essential oil for even more goodness! In two sizes. The 4 ounce bottle is handy to keep with you in your purse, the 8 ounce has a great pump for maximum coverage after your bath.

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