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We have upgraded to blue yarrow. This is the premium yarrow, and it has turned our creams a lovely sea blue. We use drops of this in all of our yarrow products, which we devote a whole section to on this site. Yarrow is truly a magic herb. It's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and a styptic (stops bleeding). In addition, it is a mild anesthetic. Used in tea, it is also known to widen blood vessels, which can help to lower blood pressure. Yarrow's magic comes in many forms!

I had an organic farm and milked cows who lived outdoors except during milking time. They often showed up at milking time with a cut or two from wild roses and bushes in the pastures. In 48 hours, we could count on any opening being completely healed. That's how this works! - Susan Siemers, Owner and Founder, Ceres & Co.

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