Peppermint - Regular
Peppermint - Regular


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Both of these are pure peppermint essential oil, with the same uses. Use for an upset stomach, to disinfect the air, and as a powerful painkiller in cases of trauma. If you are putting it on cotton balls to keep the mice and spiders away, the choice is obvious– but my customers at the market let their nose be their guide. 

“The premium, to my nose, has a much nicer scent. It's about an even split. Most like the premium better, but not ENOUGH better, and some like the regular the best, price not being a deciding factor. To my nose, the less expensive has a little more of a medicinal odor. But they are both very nice.” -Susan Siemers, Owner and Founder Ceres & Co.

*NOT to be used on infants. KEEP AWAY from eyes.*

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