Nail Fungus Fighter

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This really works, and it contains no harsh chemicals. It is made from coconut oil and four essential oils, all known anti-fungal oils. Enhanced with myrrh, oregano, melaleuca and coriander. For best results, follow the directions carefully. You will have success, but be patient. It takes a bit for a nail to grow out completely, then voila! no more nail fungus!! 

Instructions for use: Remove all traces of nail polish. Prior to first use and weekly thereafter, cut your nails short. Use a tweezers or file to clean well under the nails. Daily, while showering or bathing, scrub your toenails well with a brush, making sure you are scrubbing under the edge of the nails. My favorite soap is Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil. After drying, put a drop of Nail Fungus Fighter under the big toenails and a couple drops on top. Rub in well, and use the excess oil on your hands to rub over the rest of your nails. Apply twice daily. (Not necessary to wash feet for second application.) DO NOT MISS AN APPLICATION! To get results, you must be consistent in use. And be patient! I could see a difference after three weeks, but the whole nail must completely grow out before you quit using altogether. When the nails appear to be free of the fungus, continue using once a week.

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