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Energy Oil
Energy Oil in liquid coconut oil will wake you up. I find that it works the most effectively if applied to the soles of the feet. And a little more to the temples and the third eye will enhance the effect, if you like. Of course, adding some to your wrists will allow you to enjoy the scent. Now enjoy three options - regular 1 oz. bottle, 2.8 oz. roller bottle, and as Energy!! from our new Aroma Therapy Body Crème line. Slather it on after your morning shower. (Contains citrus oils - do not use if you are going to have a lot of skin exposed to the sun within four hours of use. Going to the office? No problem.)

This is adapted from a formula developed by the late Scott Cunningham, from his book Incense, Oils and Brews. We have taken license with the formula for the lotion, adding three additional essential oils. Shhhhhh! It's our secret!! 

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