Beautiful Hands

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This two ounce jar contains a wonderful mélange of oils and exfoliants, with added fragrance to leave your hands smelling as good as they feel. To  use, twice a week, stand over sink. Put about a half tsp. of Beautiful Hands in the palm of one hand. Rub well for one to two minutes, using the same motion as you would to wash your hands with soap. Rinse hands well with warm water until all traces of exfolient are gone. Then blot your hands with a towel, using no soap so that you retain the precious oils on your hands. When you are done, note the scent that comes through when you are finished with your hand treatment. Ah! Ylang ylang, roses & jasmine!!

Ingredients: virgin capuacu butter, jojoba beads, organic dehydrated cane syrup, organic liquid lecithin, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine essential oils

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