A new product line - Vegan choices!

Posted by Susan Siemers on 4/17/2018 to News
I am proud to announce our new vegan skincare line. Since I do use both goat milk and beeswax in many of my products, vegans have not been part of my loyal customer base. Requests for vegan products came few and far between, so I never developed a vegan line. Why vegan now?

A few years ago, I mixed with a swarm of bees, resulting in at least 25 stings. Shortly after that episode, I started reacting to my face cream. I could use my products maybe once every week or two, but more than that and I suffered from peeling skin and hives. After a year long search for the culprit, I figured it out. Not once had I suspected the beeswax. But I had begun making deodorant, and after using for a couple of weeks, I broke out down my sides, below the deodorant area. Since my product is not an antiperspirant, there is some dampness, and the breakout followed the route of my perspiration. I was able to remove the beeswax from my deodorant with no ill effects.

I tried many other formulas and just couldn't find one that worked like my existing daytime moisturizers and Lemon Skin Renew for nighttime. They are delicate formulas, and things just didn't turn out right. I was sad, developed some products that were in pump bottles but they still weren't the same. Beeswax is beneficial to the skin, and I missed it.

Recently I got a line on a vegetable wax, gave it a try in my Lemon Skin Renew, and voila! it works. I am so happy that I now have a vegan night cream that helps reduce wrinkles and puts a beautiful glow in your skin - and without beeswax. I am now working on my Daytime Moisturizer with Italian bergamot, lavender and rosemary. It was always my summertime moisturizer (in the pre-bee sting days!), and I am hoping to have it on the shelf shortly. 

I'm working to have my Vegan Skin Care products page up and working shortly!